For 30 years, Lone Star CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) has worked to provide our courts with the information needed to act in the best interests of abused and neglected children in Rockwall and Kaufman Counties, and to ensure that they’re placed in safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible.

Proclamation Events

Learn about Child Abuse Prevention events that you can attend with Lone Star CASA Staff, Board, Advocates, and Supporters by clicking the calendar items below in both March and April.

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Kaufman County Businesses Engagment

Visit Kaufman County Businesses during the Month of April in support of Lone Star CASA's Mission.

Blue Sunday

What is Blue Sunday?

Blue Sunday is a National day of prayer that takes place on the last Sunday of April each year. Blue Sunday is dedicated to raising awareness about, and praying for, abused and neglected children.

The initiative was started by a non-profit organization called “Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention” in 1998. The day is marked by churches and individuals across the country, who join in prayer and support the cause.

Goals of Blue Sunday

1. To bring awareness to children experiencing abuse or neglect in your community

 2. To support organizations and volunteers in the community who work to help children

3. To encourage people to take action for the children in their community by reporting abuse & neglect, volunteering, or donating to organizations in their area

Ways that Your Faith Community Can Participate

One simple way is to hold a Blue Sunday prayer service on the last Sunday of April, which you will find materials for below. You can also encourage your faith community to volunteer their time and talents to support organizations that work to prevent child abuse and provide services to children in need. This may involve donating funds, hosting a donation drive, or participating in community events to raise awareness and support for the cause.

Additionally, you can educate yourself and others about the prevalence and impact of child abuse, and advocate for policy changes to improve child protection laws and services. Every effort can make a difference in the
lives of the children we serve.

Blue Sunday Helpful Materials and Service Ideas

Moment of Silence

At the beginning of your service, hold a moment of silence, where each second of silence represents a child that Lone Star CASA has served this year, 203.

Prayer Cards

Hand out prayer cards to your congregation or have one member of your congregation read it at your service.

Host an Information Session

Inviting CASA to speak at your church is an excellent way to get involved in Blue Sunday and raise awareness about the critical need for child advocacy in your community. A CASA representative can speak about the organization's mission and how volunteers work to provide advocacy and support for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. They can also share specific ways that your church can get involved, such as volunteering as a CASA advocate, donating funds, or providing other types of support to local organizations that serve vulnerable children. By bringing a CASA speaker to your congregation, you can help mobilize your community to take action and make a positive impact in the lives of children who have experienced trauma.